Club Outdoor Championships 2015

This year’s Club Outdoor Championships will held on 27th September at the field.
Please arrive around 10AM; with shooting to commence as early after then as possible.
Entry is 50p (for the “colour prize”)

For those unfamiliar with this event, this is a relatively low-key affair for members only. Adults shoot a “Windsor” round (3doz arrows at each of 60, 50 and 40yds; full size face; 5 zone scoring). Juniors can shoot Junior or Short Junior Windsors which are over shorter distances. There will be a break for lunch (please bring your own food).

As well as individual awards, we also have awards for the “colour prize” (which will be explained on the day), handicap adjusted scores (which we can also explain on the day) and a doubles award where we pair up experienced with novice archers.

Hopefully, we’ll also run the duck-race, postponed from the 40th Birthday Party.

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