Taking up Archery

We welcome beginners and will happily train you on one of our Beginners’ Courses course.  The content of these courses is set down by our National Governing Body (Archery GB).  These courses comprise 6 sessions of approximately 1 hour duration and will give you a solid introduction to archery.  We run Beginners Courses every year in Spring, and subject to demand and coach availability over the summer months as well.  For more details of our next course see Beginners course details.

What’s Next ?

We anticipate that after the six sessions you should be able to shoot with our regular club members who will be able to help and advise you. Spare club equipment may be made available for a short period of time (at a small fee) to those who join the club to enable them to shoot whilst deciding on their personal equipment. But remember, please don’t buy without advice from experienced club members, preferably a Coach.


After joining the club, new members start by working through our Improvers’ Scheme in which they must achieve a score of 100 points or greater (50% target hits for longbow archers) from two consecutive dozens of arrows, working up to 60yards for adults, shorter distances for juniors according to age).

After this (or even during this period) you can start shooting recognised rounds (set by our National & International Governing Bodies: Archery GB & World Archery) and start working towards improving your classification and handicap, and hopefully start entering Open Tournaments around the locality and maybe further afield.