Entry Forms and This Year’s Results

See Results Archive for results of earlier tournaments.
The following tournaments are planned, but will obviously be subject to weather conditions on the day(s)
COVID-19: All the details on the entry forms linked from this page are based upon us having returned to ‘Normal’ under UK Government and Archery GB ruling.
ENTRIES: If the event becomes oversubscribed, then entries will be accepted in strict order of receipt and payment.

Sunday 05 March 2023 Double Stafford pdficon_large pdficon_large
Sunday April 16 2023 Longbow Day…..AM 2-way National and …..PM Double 100yd clout) pdficon_large pdficon_large
Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May 2023 York Hereford Bristol 1-5 UKRS and ……Double WA720 (70m and 50m) WRS pdficon_large
Ianseo Day 1: ianseo
Ianseo Day 2: ianseo
Sunday 25 June 2023 American pdficon_large pdficon_large pdficon_large
Saturday 05 and Sunday 06 August 2023 Double WA1440 Star WRS pdficon_large
Ianseo Day 1: ianseo
Ianseo Day 2: ianseo
Sunday September 03 2023 DCAS Autumn Gold St George, Albion, Windsor, Windsor 50, Windsor 40 & Windsor 30 pdficon_large pdficon_large
Sunday November 05 2023 National Round BonFire and Fireworks pdficon_large pdficon_large
Sunday January 07 2024 IronMan …….7 dozen at 30 yards on 80cm face pdficon_large pdficon_large
Saturday September 30 2023 Redruth Club Outdoor Championships Western rounds club club
Tuesday 21 March 2023 18:00 Engine House Redruth Club Indoor Championship club club