We usually run four outdoor tournaments, and one indoor tournament each year.

In February we have an indoor, double Stafford Competition (First held in 2017).

In the Spring and just before the County’s ‘Grand Day’ tournament we host a longbow shoot (this usually incorporates a two-way Western or National round, and some sort of clout).

In May we now run a two-day event. Day one is UKRS York / Hereford / Bristols. Day two is a World Record Status Double WA720.

In June we host either a Double American or a Canadian 1200 shoot.   In the case of the Double American,  both the double and single rounds are eligible for DCAS County and GWAS Regional records for members of those bodies.  This tournament is a particularly good tournament to pick for your first outdoor competition.

Finally, in August, we host a Word Record Status Double WA1440 competition run over two days.  This is run in association with the DCAS.   In alternate years, the second day of this event is also the DCAS Outdoor County Championships (in the other years the County Championships are held at a club in Devon)

Additonal events (eg.e DCAS Autumn Gold) are also sometimes hosted.

For all these events, help from Club members is needed to see that everything runs smoothly.  Everything from setting up the field in advance, operating the field party on the day, to checking scores on the day, providing and running the refreshment stall and raffle all need to be done, either by Club members or members of their families.

Entry forms, contact details, and results sheets for the current season’s tournaments can be found here.

Our archive of result sheets from earlier tournaments can be found here.