Safety and Etiquette

Archery Safety

Remember all shooting members of Redruth Archers must acquaint themselves with the Archery GB “Rules of Shooting”, which can be downloaded from this link for free

“FAST” – Warning:  If you hear anyone call this command, stop shooting.  If you are mid-shot hold onto the string and come down.  Remove the arrow from the string and place it back into your quiver.   If you become aware of anything that compromises safety on the range call this command.

 General Safety Warnings


  • Loaded bows, either drawn or not drawn, must not be pointed at anyone or anything other than the target.
  • Bows must NOT be drawn up behind the shooting line.
  • NEVER, EVER DRY LOOSE A BOW (do not draw the bow up and let the string go without an arrow attached to it).


  • Arrows shall be shot ONLY at the target.
  • NEVER shoot an arrow vertically into the air.
  • ALWAYS make sure the arrows you are using are of the correct length for you and your bow. If in doubt, ask.

Shooting Line

  • ALWAYS shoot from the shooting line.
  • NEVER shoot from in front of or behind the shooting line.
  • NEVER step forward of the shooting line for any reason until given clearance to do so.

Waiting Line

  • ALWAYS return to the waiting line once you have shot your arrows.

Collecting and Withdrawing Arrows

  • ALWAYS wait for the signal to proceed forward to collect arrows.
  • NEVER run and keep looking for arrows which may have fallen short of the target.
  • ALWAYS make certain that no one is behind you when withdrawing the arrows from the target.
  • ALWAYS call scores in groups of three, e.g. 10-9-8 pause 7-6-5.

Reference Point

  • Always draw the string of the bow to the reference and NEVER beyond. If you are not sure what this is, please ask.

Cease Shooting If there is the slightest likelihood of anyone crossing in front of or behind the target.   Remember a bow is a dangerous weapon.

Archery Etiquette

A good archer:

  • Always – Helps to put out the equipment and put it away.
  • Always – If they break another’s equipment through their own carelessness, pays to replace it.
  • Does not – Talk in a loud voice whilst others are shooting.
  • Does not – Talk to another archer who prefers to be silent.
  • Does not – Offer advice unless asked.
  • Does not – Exclaim on the shooting line for themselves or others, either in joy or disgust.
  • Does not – Touch another archer’s equipment without their permission.
  • Does not – Walk up and down the line comparing scores.
  • Does not – Go behind the target to retrieve his arrows before their score has been recorded.