252/336 4 Dozen Award Scheme

252/336 4 Dozen Award Scheme

The Redruth version of the 252 & 336 schemes which are run by many clubs in the UK. The badges are designed by Dom P incorporating the iconic Cornish mine engine house.

A spreadsheet recording the distances achieved by each member for their designated bow types is on the RA club Google drive. View only access is controlled using the link below.
RA 336 Distance Record Sheet

If you are waiting for the latest set of scores to be recorded, you can check for the latest update date on the sheet. Open Google Sheets, the URL will be something like https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/ which will show your recently viewed/edited sheets that are stored on Google

Award Scheme Operating Instructions are as follows:

  • Normal Archery GB shooting rules apply.
  • Your chosen round can be shot at the following distances: 20yds, 30yds, 40yds, 50yds, 60yds, 80yds and 100yds.
  • You get 6 sighter arrows.
  • You shoot 4 dozen arrows (6 arrows x 8 ends) at a 122cm face at your chosen distance.
  • You score the round using the 5-zone ‘Imperial’ scoring method (9,7,5,3,1).
  • The distances must be done in order, starting at 20yds. (No going back!)
  • For each distance that you achieve the required score (or better) twice, you can claim a badge.
  • You may shoot a 4 dozen round at any time of your own choosing; however, another archer must witness your score and co-sign your score sheet . (As is usual when submitting any score sheet ).
  • Only one round per day will be accepted, in cases where multiple rounds are shot in a day e.g., for practice, only the first will count.
  • 4 dozen score sheets should be available in the file in the garage, but can also be downloaded from our website.
  • Completed sheets should be placed at the back of the scoresheet file on the t able in the garage.

Below are the required scores for each bow-style ..

RECURVE        336 (all distances)
COMPOUND    375 (all distances)
BARE BOW      252 (20-60 yds)    221 (80 yds)    187 (100yds)
HORSEBOW    240 (20-60 yds)    200 (80 yds)    165 (100 yds)
AFB                    225 (20-60 yds)    177 (80 yds)    141 (100yds)
LONGBOW       221 (20-60 yds)    168 (80 yds)    134 (100 yds)

You may also shoot your 4 dozen as the first part of a longer imperial round in which the first distance is a minimum of 4 dozen arrows.  i.e., York, Hereford, (Bristols), West erns or Nationals.


A downloadable image of the rules is available here