New Shooting Shirts Ready For Ordering

We are pleased to announce that we have recently approved a new, modern, style shooting shirt for the club in addition to the more traditional shirts we already have.  The images below show the front and back designs for a standard shirt (with round T-shirt style collar).  The shirts are made from modern “technical”, quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabrics, and are available as T-shirts, polo shirts, and rugby jerseys (same as T-shirt, but with much thicker fabric).  There are also options for long-sleeved and left-handed (with logos and text printed on opposite sides) variants.


Shirts are available in a wide range of junior through to adult sizes (including ladies cuts; see size chart here: Size Guide), and need to be ordered in batches of at least 10 of the same style.  Prices are as follows:

Technical T-shirt – £20.95 + VAT

Technical Polo Shirt – £22.95 + VAT

Rugby Jersey  – £27.95 + VAT

Long Sleeve – add £2

Left Handed – no extra cost, but a minimum of 10 left handed units per order is usually required.

Better still… The Club will sponsor you with 15% towards the cost of your first shooting shirt!

Fabricio is now ready to take orders:

  • Please email your request to:     fabricio.c @ .
  • For each shirt, hewill need to know the archer’s name, shirt style and size, and payment details (payment required in advance).

Please note that we will only be able to place an order each time we reach a minimum of 10 units of the same style. Within the same style, we can order any size or cut. Because of this, Fabricio may contact you if we struggle with quantities to ask whether you would mind having a different style of shirt.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!




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