DCAS Juniors Shoot for Free at DCAS Tournaments

For many years DCAS has encouraged Juniors to enter tournaments by providing a ‘free-entry’ pass each year to one of our shoots. This year we’re going one better – DCAS Juniors this year will have free entry to ALL tournaments organised by or on behalf of DCAS!

This free entry for DCAS Juniors applies to:

  • Grand Day on 3 May.
  • The Sunday of the DCAS/Exmouth double WA1440 on 30/31 May.
  • The Sunday (County Champs) of the DCAS/Redruth double WA1440 on 1/2 August.
  • Autumn Gold on 6 September.
  • The Clout Championships on 4 October.
  • And the Sunday (County Field Champs) of the Exmouth Open Field shoot on17/18 October.

Not only that! – DCAS Juniors will also have free entry to the GWAS Regional Junior Championships at Exmouth on 5 September.

Entry forms for these shoots are available now, or will be soon, on the DCAS website.  Some of these forms will mention free entry for DCAS Juniors but others won’t.  All the Junior has to do is return the form as required showing their ArcheryGB number and marked ‘DCAS Junior – free entry’ and it will be accepted. (If any Juniors have already sent off their form with money for one of the above shoots then the TOs have agreed that it will be returned to them.)

If Juniors are put off going to shoots because only a few kids will be there – well, let’s make it different this year. And I suggest that Grand Day and Autumn Gold in particular will have a good gang of kids, and the GWAS Regionals in September will have a field full!


John Russell


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