Coronavirus -Update -14th May 2020

Hello All

As the Executive Committee, we have seen the guidance that has been published this morning (14/5/20) by Archery GB regarding the first steps to returning to shooting.

As they say, returning to archery is a personal decision and the Club takes its responsibility very seriously in facilitating this. Accordingly, the Club Committee will be involved in drawing up the protocols to be adopted by attending archers for our particular set of circumstances at the field.

Anyone who wishes to assist in drawing up the obligatory risk assessment which will emerge from this process should contact the Club Secretary to offer their services.

Returning to shooting will not be a speedy process – in addition to these protocols and introducing some kind of ‘booking system’, the field has to be prepared in a particular configuration and we won’t get a fuel delivery until Tuesday 19/5/20 at the earliest, then the necessary work has to be done in a Covid-safe way – so please be patient during this process.

For the moment, the field remains closed and we will contact you again when that situation changes.

The Executive Committee

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