Coronavirus -Update – July 2020 – New members and visiting archers

New members and visiting archers

When first releasing the new shooting protocols, the committee decided that we would not accept any new members, or visiting archers to our field until we were sure that we had enough capacity to accommodate our own members under the new booking system. We are confident that we can once again accept new members (who are experienced archers), and visiting archers from other clubs.

Any new members or visitors will still be subject to our protocols and need to book slots through FastCourts. Visitors will also need to have a full member in attendance the whole time they are at the field as before, as they will not be given the codes for the gate.

If you know of anyone this may apply to that would like to shoot at our club, please ask them to get in contact at

At the moment we seem to comfortably have the capacity to meet current demand for shooting slots at the field.  We will continue to monitor capacity and demand, and reserve the right to amend our policy for visitors and/or numbers of slots available to members as appropriate.

Unfortunately, we are still not in a position to re-start our programme of Beginner Courses for people wanting to make a start in the sport.  We are, however, maintaining a waiting list. If you would like to be added to this list please contact

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