Welcome to our updated website

Welcome to our new website.

This new site brings the calendar of events and details of new items to the forefront.  Hopefully members (and friends) of the club will find it easy to keep up to date with what is going on – both within Redruth Archers and also more broadly within the County and Region.

The basic site functionality for calendar and news items is established, and we will endeavour to keep everything as up to date as possible. Please let us know if you have any news items or announcements that you would like us to upload.

Also, some of the static content is in the process of being transferred from the old site and/or revised / reformatted.   Please let us know if you spot any errors, omissions or otherwise “broken” bits.  Also please let us know if you would any extra features or information pages to be added.

You may notice that many of the pages are a bit “dry” and lacking illustration to break up the text.  Please, please, please let us know if you have any good, club and/or archery-related,  photos available that we can use to brighten the site up.


Jon (Secretary) and Martin Cox (Webmaster)

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