“Summer Rounds” (Monthly Club Shoots)

Summer Rounds

Hello all Redruth Archers, we have decided to have a get together on the first Monday evening of each month, to shoot some rounds throughout the summertime.

All archers are welcome, and the rounds being shot should allow for archers of mixed skills and abilities to shoot together. Most of the rounds have long and short distance variations, so each archer can shoot at a distance they feel comfortable with, or maybe they can push on to a longer distance, if they are up for the challenge!

It will be good for us to shoot together as a club, and for newer club members it could be an introduction into shooting and scoring rounds.

If we could meet at Redruth Archery Field for 18.30 to set up, and then start shooting sighters at 19.00, we should have enough time to shoot the various rounds throughout the summertime before the light fades.

Please find the list of the dates and the rounds below.

4th April – Warwicks

2nd May – WA720 or Stafford

6th June – St George, Albion or Windsors

4th July – Long or Short Metrics

1st August – American

5th September – Nationals

If the weather is too bad to shoot in on any of these dates, we can roll over to the following Monday to shoot the round.


Seth Neill

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