AGM 2015

Thank you to everyone who came to the AGM.  The main outcomes / news arising from this are:

Indoor Shooting:  Following comments that 9AM was “a bit” of an early start for a Saturday morning, it was agreed that we’d move the start time of Saturday’s indoor sessions  at pool school – this week (14th Nov) the start time is 9AM, but from next week (21st Nov) we still start at 9:30 and finish for 12:30.

Longbow Day:  A proposal to allow American Flat Bows (AGB rule 206A) within our longbow day tournament was discussed.  The consensus was to keep this as a longbow-only shoot.  The main reasons being that this shoot is shot according to BLBS rules (i.e. British Longbows only) and also that by allowing flat bows we would potentially be open to future requests to expand the shoot to include other traditional bow types.

“Sumer Series”:   there was a discussion regarding the resurrection of this series of shoots that had previously been run monthly over summer.  The consensus was that we’d like to do this – in some format (not necessarily the same as previously), but would need someone to “step-up” and volunteer to organise this.   – Any volunteers – please let me know ?

Trophies:  it was recognised that a sort-out / stock-take and probable refurbishment of our trophies was overdue.  As always, time is the main factor.  Is anyone willing to offer to volunteer to take on this job.  Again, please let me know if you might be interested.

Awards:  we annually present a number of awards in recognition of member’s activities and achievements within the club.  This year the awards were presented as follows:

  • Chairman’s Award – “the work parties”
  • Tournament Organiser’s Award – “the catering team”

These two awards were presented collectively as it was recognised that lots of people have contributed a huge amount of effort in both maintaining and improving the facilities, and in organising the catering at our tournaments this year.  There were too many individuals to choose from !

  •  Best Newcomer(s):         Jason and Chrissie Jump
  • Best Junior Girl:                 Holly Baxter
  • Best Junior Boy:                 George Dunford

See the Committee Page for details of the committee elected at the AGM.

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