40th Anniversary Party


Thank-you to everyone who came and supported our 40th Anniversary Party. Sadly the weather was against us (rain in August in Cornwall – who’d have guessed !), but in spite of this a good time was had by all.

A handful of folks came together for the have a go session that the coaches managed and some great shooting was seen from the children and adults.  Some of the children decided it was more fun to jump in the puddles- and if the water in their wellies was anything to go by they had a lot of fun!  After that, the snakes were brought out of their box to amuse the children, with a mixed reaction!


Later, the 40th Anniversary cake that had been beautifully decorated was presented and cut for all to enjoy. It was a very large cake and could have served three times the number of guests easily.

Unfortunately things were cut short despite everyone’s best efforts to keep things going as the rain was showing no sign of slowing any time soon.

So many ducks... Ducking hell

The heavy rain also meant that the river was considered too hazardous for the ducks. The duck-race has been postponed and will hopefully be held at the club outdoor championships on 27th September.

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